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Жанр: Drum and Bass
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???‚??The audience has got to the stage where youve got the freedom as a DJ where you can go where you want to go. Thats why youve got such a cross section of music. Hype likes everything from ragga to hip hop to techno hes very open-minded. DJ Hype, Ganja Kru, Tru-Playaz, were not into one style or another. Thats why we describe ourselves as freestyle. Ive been into this scene since August 89 and every year, the musics influenced a bit differently.

Broadcast: Kiss100, SAT. Tracklist:

  1. Lifford vs Dillinja - Do The Ting
  2. Potential Badboy - Sun Is Shining Bright
  3. Mr Vegas - Hot Wok (Chase and Status remix)
  4. Benny Page vs Marcus Visionary - Skylarkin
  5. Taxman - Badboy Danger
  6. Future Prophecies - Dreadlock (VIP)
  7. Influx Uk - Still Universe
  8. Zero G - Scope Out
  9. Prolix - Sonorous
  10. Fresh - Scream
  11. Dillinja - Tunnel Grinder
  12. Clipz - Download (VIP)
  13. Original Sin - Say
  14. Strider and Marley Marl - Sonic Blaze
  15. Brookes Brothers - F Zero
  16. D Bridge - Haven
  17. Lynx - Shaku
  18. Potential Badboy - Nasty Western
  19. Optical - To Shape The Future (remix) - Metalheadz
  20. Dillinja - Forsaken Dreams
  21. Die feat Ben Westbeach - Back Inside
  22. Hazard and Distorted Minds - Mr Happy
  23. TC - Pornstar
  24. G Dub - Finding The Free - Ganja
  25. Dan Miracle - Weight On Your Shoulders
  26. Breakage - Clarendon

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